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    "l get to choose when, where and how I want to work, which helps with focus, productivity, a overall better frame of mind, and enhanced work-life balance."

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    "We work flexibly, with our people taking up hybrid work and coming together when we need to collaborate in person. 
    When we do, we pick the best workspace for the team members joining on the day and ensure it's somewhere with great coffee and lunch options."

Flexible work options, Hybrid+ and regional jobs

At Transport, we support a hybrid way of working – a balance of attending the office to connect and collaborate in person, mixed with working virtually to achieve the best outcomes.

Hybrid+ takes flexibility even further by enabling certain role types to work from regional locations across NSW, while visiting their team office location from time to time.

Hybrid+ is part of Transport’s ongoing efforts to build a sustainable workforce across NSW and provide meaningful work and career opportunities for people based in regional locations.

Flexible working

We enable our people to work in ways that work for them with flexible work policies, offerings and practices. Working virtually and from different locations including regional locations, staggering work hours and job sharing are just some of the ways our people can work flexibly. We’re proud to be recognised as a FlexReady Certified employer and winners of the ‘Best Remote Work Strategy’ for our hybrid ways of working at the Australian HR Awards 2022.

Explore current regional and Hybrid+ jobs

Go to our regional and Hybrid+ jobs page to explore current opportunities.


Transport’s hybrid model

Our hybrid model is all about discussing ways of working as a team and matching work tasks and activities to work locations. Hybrid working empowers leaders and their teams to decide how, when, and where to work to achieve the best outcomes — including when to come into the office and what sorts of tasks can be worked virtually. All working arrangements are unique to each team.

What is Hybrid+?

Hybrid+ is a flexible working arrangement that enables some Sydney-based roles to be opened up to candidates who are based regionally. Hybrid+ roles enable a combination of virtual work with some in-person days at an allocated office location. In-person days must be discussed upfront with your leader (the hiring manager), and require regular check-in conversations to support ongoing adjustments based on personal circumstances or organisational requirements.

Can all roles be worked in a Hybrid or Hybrid+ way?

Not all roles at Transport can work in a Hybrid or Hybrid+ way. Roles may require different levels of face-to-face interaction with customers or partners, or remote access may be limited by system or privacy concerns. Hybrid+ job advertisements will specify ‘Regional candidates are welcome to apply’.

Who pays for what?

Under an employee-initiated Hybrid+ arrangement, Transport will not pay any relocation expenses. Employees must also cover travel and/or accommodation costs when visiting office locations.

Is a Hybrid+ arrangement permanent?

A Hybrid+ arrangement is considered a temporary flexible work arrangement and will be formally reviewed every 12-months. Hybrid+ arrangements may be continuously renewed in circumstances agreed upon by both the employee and their leader.

Who can request a Hybrid+ arrangement?

Where a job advertisement specifies ‘Regional candidates are welcome to apply’, candidates are encouraged to have an initial discussion with the Talent Specialist whose contact details appear in the job advertisement. A request for a Hybrid+ arrangement must be formally discussed with the role’s hiring manager only once a candidate has been offered a permanent or temporary role.

How do I request a Hybrid+ arrangement?

At the offer stage of the recruitment process, a candidate should contact the hiring manager to make a request and discuss how the arrangement will work. The discussion should cover the following points:

  • Role requirements and suitability of the role to be worked in a Hybrid+ way.
  • Expectations and agreement of ‘in office’ or in person attendance.
  • Financial implications of travelling to the Sydney office.
  • How business outcomes will be met, and how team connection and wellbeing will be maintained.

After joining Transport, the employee must complete the necessary approvals with their hiring manager

Where can I find more information on Hybrid or Hybrid+?

Where a job advertisement specifies ‘Regional candidates are welcome to apply’, candidates are encouraged to discuss Hybrid or Hybrid+ options with the Talent Specialist whose contact details appear in the job advertisement.