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  • Photo of a School Crossing Supervisor at school crossing with family

    “I enjoy seeing the children every day and knowing they’re getting to and from school safely. Their happy faces and the things they say and do make me smile."

  • School Crossing Supervisor holding sign while pedestrians cross the road

    “The location is convenient, I have a good work life balance and can help the community through this job. The students are the best part of the job.”

  • Group of children crossing the road with School Crossing Supervisor waving at them

    “After working behind a computer for the past 19 years, I didn't want another desk job. I wanted to give back to the community, keep fit and meet the locals."

  • Male School Crossing Supervisor smiling and holding sign

    “I like getting to say ‘good morning’ to the public and seeing young kids bounding out with enthusiasm to meet a new day. Particularly during book week and sports carnivals where they are all dressed up and happy."

Rain, hail or shine, School Crossing Supervisors are essential to helping our littlest community members get to and from school safely each day. 

You’ll help kids develop lifelong road awareness by clearly explaining road rules and precautions. 

In this role, you’ll keep a close eye on busy roads at peak times and control the flow of traffic in order to help kids and school community members cross safely. 

Being a School Crossing Supervisor is a great way to get out and about and earn an income without making great compromises on your time. 

For more information on what is like to be a School Crossing Supervisor, check out our information pack

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